Hello, call me Nikki!

I`m here to help you find a well-paying job as an English teacher in China!

In last five years, I’ve helped 384 people from a various countries, including America, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, Armenia, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Belgium, Denmark, and South Africa, to find work in China (You can see their pictures here and read their testimonials here on my Facebook page).

On this website you’ll find information on how to apply for a job!

(Applying is quite easy and free of charge, without any hidden or additional costs, and you don`t need a college degree or teaching experience although it`s better if you have them).

After you read the instructions, you may contact me directly so that I can arrange for your employment.

It’s an incredibly fun adventure; you can easily get a job that pays well!

Check out my English class video:

Looks fun, right!?

Contact me and I`ll help you too to get a well-paying job in China!

It’s easy and free of charge! Click here to find out how:


And about the POSITIVE EXPERIENCES of the teachers you might read on my Facebook page:

English Teachers in China: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishTeachersNikki


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