Article about my work published by magazine Nova ekonomija

I left my homeland, Serbia, in 2012 because I wasn’t satisfied with the political and economic situation in my country. I had an enjoyable career as a teacher, but couldn’t afford to live decently on my salary. I worked in the USA for a year and, in May of 2014, came to Peking, the capital of China.  I then quickly got a well-paying job as an English teacher.  Now I help others who struggle to find jobs in their countries to come to China and work as English teachers.

Over the past five years I’ve helped 384 people from different countries, including America, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, Armenia, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Belgium, Denmark, and South Africa, to come to China and find a job.

In China, there is a huge demand for English teachers. You can earn and save a lot of money. If you think you’re ready to come here and work, click here for more information. I’ll help you to achieve your dreams.

Sincerely yours,

Predrag Nikić Nikki



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