First of all, my service is free of charge for you, so I don’t take money from you like other agencies not even when I find you a job.

You should send me only 2 following things:

1. Self-introduction video in English language (check out the good examples below). Try to communicate as clearly as possible since the employer will judge the quality of your English language as much as your personality. If I find that your video presentation is not satisfying I will give you tips how to shoot better one, so don’t worry. You can shoot your video with any proper mobile phone camera and if the video size is too large to send it you can reduce it in this website:

Check out here the good examples of self-introduction video:

2. Your CV. If you don’t have one or dont know how to write it, you can find tips and examples how to write it anywhere on the internet. 

This is all you have to send me on my e-mail:


1. What if my self-introduction video or my CV are not good enough?

Then I will give you tips how to make a better video or write better CV in order for you to get a job. I’m not your employer, I’m just your agent and it’s in my interest to help you present yourself better to the employer.

2. Do I need faculty degree and teaching experience?

Not really if you are communicative and fluent in English. Ideal candidate for this job is the native speaker but if your spoken English is understandable and without too much noticeable accent, it’s most likely that you’ll be invited to come to work in China. The most important is that your short video presentation that you’re sending to me is attractive and engaging.

3. Who pays for the plane ticket, school, agency or me?

You’re paying for the ticket to come to China and in that way you’re showing that you’re serious about getting a job and not only a tourist or indecisive. Most of the schools at the end of the contract give 6 thousand Juan (approximately thousand dollars) to cover your travel costs to come and leave China; and that is something you can negotiate with them before you come. That’s why it’s best for you to buy one-way ticket.

4. Is my employment safe?

Yes, if your English is good, and you don’t do anything illegal. In very rare cases that somebody lost a job, I helped them to find another one.

5. Is the first salary enough to cover living costs in China?

It’s more than enough. Chinese person on average earns 3 thousand Yuans and your salary will be at least 6 thousand Yuans (if your English is very good and you’ve got a degree it will be even higher). You’ll get accommodation free of charge and 2 or 3 times salary bigger than Chinese citizens.

6. Is there a possibility to get a raise? 

Yes, absolutely there is. You can ask for the salary raise already after three months, since the kids got used to you and the kindergarten wants to keep you. Your demand won’t be accepted with happiness by the employer – as anywhere else – but there are ways to ask in most efficient way and I’ll tell you about that in person.

7. How will I feel in China? 

I was working in Serbia, New York, Germany, before I decided to come to China. Nowhere else I wasn’t earning as much money as here, saved as much money as here, been respected as I was here in China. Anyway, the culture is different than in your country of origin, so it’s important not to be narrow-minded and tolerant.

8. How many days per week I will have to work?

You’ll work as in Europe 5 days per week, from 8.30 till 4.30. You won’t have more than 20 teaching hours per week and for the rest of hours you just play with kids. If you want, you can easily find another job an earn an extra money.

9. Is there anything else I should know?

I will take care of you when you come here until you settle down on your new job and you can count on my help for anything.

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