How to teach kids in China?

Ok, if you are reading this it mean that you are ready for the big challenge of traveling all the way to China, and that you are a brave person that want to take a rick and to go out of the comfort zone and try something totally new, something that will change the whole basics of your life and make you  a better person.

So, how to teach kids?

Basically, it is very simple, kids are kids, they are 3 to 7 years old, they are cute and If you like them they will feel that and they will like you even more and these are some of the games that you can use so that you can play games with them and while playing teach them the key words through which they will develop they English speaking skills.

So you can: 

watch some of the games that I use to teach kids:

watch an amazing teacher Bojan (Ben):


Good luck and see you in China!